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Open Water Swimmer Profile: Catherine McKenna

Catherine McKenna is a beacon for positive change. She was elected in 2015 as the first female Member of Parliament for Ottawa Centre and appointed Minister of Environment and Climate Change. In 2019, she went on to become Minister of Infrastructure and Communities. She is also passionate about water. She’s worked to protect the OttawaContinue reading “Open Water Swimmer Profile: Catherine McKenna”

Open Water Swimmer Profile: Jessi Lidstone Harewicz

Why does Jessi Lidstone Harewicz love open water marathon swimming? For her, it’s about getting outside. It’s about doing things that scare her. It’s about pushing herself and finding out what she can do. Plus, the majestic sight of British Columbia’s beautiful mountains surrounding her while she swims doesn’t hurt either! Being outside is anContinue reading “Open Water Swimmer Profile: Jessi Lidstone Harewicz”

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