Open water swimming profile: Greg Maitinsky

Greg Matinksy was born in Hungary, but he grew up all over the world. His parents were diplomats, so they traveled a lot—mostly to North Africa. They also spent some time in Canada. This is where Greg still lives today.


In Algeria, Greg formed one of his earliest open water memories. When he was about three or four years old, he went to the beach all the time. To this day, he can remember the sensation of the powerful waves throwing him out of the water onto the beach. He loved it.


For Greg, there’s just something about the call of open waters, especially lakes. Although Greg likes swimming in the ocean, he doesn’t consider himself an ocean swimmer. He’s a self-proclaimed wimp, unwilling to brave sharks and jellyfish (but who can blame him?).


Greg prefers not to do the extreme stuff. Instead, he just likes to enjoy his swims and not freeze to death.

To learn more about Greg and his swimming adventures, visit

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