What We Do

We swim in the Great Lakes and around the world!

You can join us at Coronation Park, Oakville (GLOW beach) most mornings, all year round, for our sunrise swims.

One of our signature events is the annual 24 hour Lake Ontario challenge in the fall, which is sometimes a cold water event, depending on conditions. The idea is that we have at least one person either in or on Lake Ontario at GLOW beach for a full twenty four hours. Swim, paddle, or just hang out – it’s always fun, and we raise awareness and funds for the Great Lakes Trust supporting science, art, and advocacy for our Great Lakes.

We work closely with other swimming and water enthusiasts in Ontario, including LOST swimming and GSS, the Toronto Island Lake SwimCanaquaEmbrace, the SWOOWS, and Solo Swims of Ontario, the longstanding organization helping swimmers pursue and ratify marathon crossings of the Great Lakes.

We have a wealth of experience, passion, and commitment to bring to a wide range aquatic adventures.

If you can dream it, we can help you swim it!